What about Bob’s?

For the past several years, our friends, Bob and Linda, have invited us to stay at their cottage in Port Franks. Usually, we can gather up three or four of Melissa’s other co-workers (Bob being one) to join us for a long weekend or so. This year, for whatever reason, it wasn’t going to happen. As Summer drew to a close, Bob insisted that Melissa and I should take advantage of one of our remaining good weather weekends at his cottage even though he couldn’t join us. Sometimes co-workers and acquaintances extend such offers facetiously; however, we knew Bob was sincere and we took him up on it.

Even though we hadn’t confessed it to each other, Melissa and I both felt a need to get away somewhere and reconnect. We spent two days just staring at each other, taking goofy & romantic pictures, walking, biking and smiling a lot. I loved every minute. :)

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  1. You guys are the cutest!!